Who is Julia Fox? Uncut Gems star ventured into adult material in Hollywood


Uncut Gems was considered one of Netflix’s must-see movies in early 2020, but it’s not just Adam Sandler who should grab the attention of movie fanatics.

Adam Sandler will receive a Best Actor nomination at the 2020 Oscars for his role in the Netflix production Uncut Gems.

The 53-year-old actor is a Hollywood veteran and has been nominated for over 100 awards while winning 45 of them. However, he was never in contention for a prestigious Oscar.

Directed by brothers Josh and Benny Safdie, Adam plays New York jeweler Howard Ratner and the film chronicles his life trying to balance business and family. A high-stakes bet leaves the charismatic jeweler dreaming of a better future, but it is a risk that endangers all those he has known and those he does not want to know.

While Adam’s performance is likely to make the classic burlesque actor shine in a light you’ve never seen before, co-star Julie Fox will instantly let you go to Google to find out why you never saw it before. seen the actress before.

Here’s all you need to know.

Who is Julia Fox?

Julia is a 29-year-old actress and model from New York City, although born in Italy, whose first Hollywood role was in Uncut Gems.

His performance alongside Adam in the Netflix film earned him numerous accolades and a 2019 Gotham Award nomination for Best Breakthrough Actor.

A self-proclaimed party girl, Julia has always worked in modeling and photography but always dreamed of making the big screen.

Speaking of her sudden rise to fame, she said Vanity Show:

“Basically I was no one in this world, in Hollywood. So they really had to fight for me, and then obviously I had to fight for that too. “

You can follow the rising star on Instagram under @juliafox, where she dives into Hollywood with 88,000 followers.

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What did she appear in before Uncut Gems?

Virtually nothing.

Julia’s only previous credit is called The Great American Mud Struggle while she’s also set to play a character named Scarlet in PVT cat, an upcoming film that also stars Buddy Duress and Peter Vack.

However, Julia gained attention when she acted and directed her own short film based on child sex trafficking in Reno, Nevada. After traveling the area, Julia was inspired to tell the story and explained how the process went to It:

“We walked into town (Reno) and met this bunch of kids by the side of the road, and we both knew we were going to find this story in this little mix.

After speaking with some of their guardians, we were informed [that] the whole town was an underground prostitution ring. So many children were trafficked and girls were disappearing all the time, and they were in danger. I was like, I want to tell this story in an artistic way, not like a documentary.

Dominatrix to model and act

The role was a perfect match for Julia, who found herself in a relationship with her character – also named Julia – on different levels.

The actress worked in a variety of jobs early in her adulthood, ranging from a shoe store, ice cream shop, bakery, and a stint in the sex industry to making sex. S&M. She said the Hollywood reporter:

“I heard about another girl doing it (S&M) and there was no sex or nudity. It was role play.”

From dominatrix to model and now actress, Julia’s past incarnations have her perfectly aligned with the character of Uncut Gems, even to the point where she thought the producers had harassed her after getting her hands on a script that mirrored it perfectly. his life.

How to watch Uncut Gems on Netflix

Uncut Gems is coming to Netflix UK on January 10, 2020.

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