Which games have you bought more than once and why?


Maybe you wanted a digital copy to replace an aging physical copy. Or one of those Complete Gold GOTY Ultimate Everything editions to get all the DLC for a game you already had. Maybe you wanted a game on a different platform for cross-play or convenience reasons. Or you forgot you already own it until you went to activate the key from a bundle. Look, that seemed like a good deal back then.

Which games have you bought more than once and why?

Here are our answers, as well as some from our forum.

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Nathalie Clayton: Tragically, I first played The Orange Box on Xbox 360. My PC at the time had become a mess that created a blue screen maybe a third of the time you tried to turn it on, and j ‘ve had a brief run as such. of the best Scouts on TF2 console. But the call for modding was strong, and when I finally got a decent laptop, Valve’s pack was the first thing I bought – and I immediately got to work uploading all of the custom campaigns. that I was able to find while familiarizing myself with the Source mapping tools. I’ve rarely (if ever) released any of these maps, but it pretty much kicked off my short career in game development.

Sarah James: I’ve done this with quite a few games, but the main culprits are Final Fantasy X / X-2, Final Fantasy 12, and the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy. The first two I own on four (4) separate platforms, while the FF13 trilogy that I own out of three. Why? I’m not really sure. I think it’s mostly because I love them and the idea of ​​not being able to play when I want to is really overwhelming. Not that I can imagine a scenario where I wouldn’t have access to at least two of them, but better safe than sorry!

There is another reason though, which has only occurred to me now. There’s something really satisfying (exciting?) About replaying a game from scratch on a new platform. It’s not the same as just choosing the “new game” option from the menu because you already did – it isn’t. to feel New. I don’t think it’s all about accomplishments either, although there is some satisfaction when you first see them appear. I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird.

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Tyler Wilde: I mostly own game doubles because I had them on disc in the 90s, then bought them again a decade or two later on Steam, or remastered in some way. Who knows where my Zork: Grand Inquisitor DVD is? (Yeah, that’s right, I got the improved DVD-ROM version.)

Morgan Park: I may or may not have purchased Rainbow Six Siege … six times. I started on PS4. Then a year later a friend wanted to play with me but only had one Xbox, so I bought us both used copies. Then I finally got a good PC and had to try the game there. Then I bought a copy for my partner (who has never played it, understandably) and once again for a friend on PC when it was on sale. I don’t know if buying games for other people really matters, but I feel ridiculous for owning Siege on all three platforms. It’s a miracle I haven’t bought it on Stadia yet.

Christophe Livingston: I think I bought Sam & Max: Hit the Road three or four times. I know I had it first on a floppy disk (which I no longer have) and also on a CD (which I still have). And I definitely got two copies of it on CD, maybe because it was sold in a bundle with other LucasArts games at one point? I don’t remember, but I remember giving my spare to a friend. And now I also own it on Steam because I wanted to play it recently, and I don’t have a CD player on my PC anymore, and who knows how hard it would be to get it to work almost 30 years later ? In any case, money well spent. Would buy again, honestly.

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Andy Chalk: There are a few, but the one that immediately comes to mind is Plants vs. Zombies. I bought it digitally from PopCap, then picked up (in no particular order that I can remember) the Standard Boxed Edition, the Collectors Edition with a small Sunflower model, the Disco Zombie Limited Edition and a copy of the DVD box I saw somewhere for 99 cents. I feel like there’s another box with a different figure – a Pea Shooter, maybe? Either way, Plants vs. Zombies is the perfect video game, and if I ever come across other editions that I don’t already own, I’ll absolutely throw some cash at them.

Colif: The only reasons I have for buying a game again are:
1. To play it again, games like Sacred 2 were not on Steam until well after their release. Convenience above all else.
2. To read it in a different format. I bought Diablo 3 on PC, PS3 and PS4.
3. To play it on a new console. This applies to Diablo 3 but it’s more Journey.

So far, I haven’t accidentally bought the same game twice, but I’ve done it with books before.

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Frindi: Besides the giveaways on multiple platforms, I bought two different versions of Skyrim (Special Edition and Legendary) due to the mods I could use with them.

main : The main reason I will buy a game a second time is to have a digital version of an older game that I have in physical form; either on DVD, CD, or even on a set of old floppy disks. Digital versions of these games will generally work fine (although some need some tweaking) on ​​modern systems and are fully patched to the latest version. I wait for sales, bundles or occasional freebies before redeeming.

The second reason would be a remastered or a remake of a game I love. We’ve seen a lot of that this year, and I really love that some older classics get a makeover to run on modern PCs, but it’s basically the same game.

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JCgames: I bought a second copy of Mechwarrior 5 because I wanted to play with friends in LAN mode at home. It’s a really fun co-op game that has a cross play between Steam and Epic.

I also got Freedom Force and many others from GOG as they fix some issues with newer systems. Besides, maybe if enough people keep buying irrational FF, it could actually make a third!

OsaX Nymloth: Do I really need to explain why I have 3 or 4 copies of Fallout 2?

Zloth: Well, Final Fantasy 7, of course. Because I bought it back when it first appeared on PC in the 90s but didn’t keep it. Then someone mentioned it and I had to buy it again.

Pifanjr: I think I may have bought Skyrim twice. Once physical and once as a GOTY digital edition when it was on sale, as it was cheaper than buying the DLC separately.

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ZedClampet: Sometimes I buy a pack that contains games that I already have. Now we have a thread here where some of us are offering these extra keys to whoever wants them.

One instance where it wasn’t a bundle was with Fallout 3. I bought the original edition on Steam not realizing it no longer worked. This was before the refunds, and I was quite annoyed that Bethesda kept a game for sale that didn’t work on the current generation of Windows. It took an hour to get it to work, but then the GOTY edition, which works great without doing anything to it, went on sale for next to nothing, and I bought it.

Other than that, as many others say, I bought digital copies of games that I had physical copies of from the old days.

IrisEdgeStudios: Half-Life 2. The best game ever.

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Sarafan: The most notable example of a game that I have purchased multiple times is Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Basically the first copy I owned had some irritating bugs in my area. When both expansions were installed, only the Shadow of Death campaigns worked correctly. The rest had audio files missing during cutscenes and pop-ups warning about missing files.

So I decided to buy a complete boxed edition. This version had some bugs regarding the translation into my native language and issues with the implementation of changes from Shadow of Death. Nothing that can’t be fixed by editing files, but after a few years I decided that I needed a solid foundation for modding. That’s why I decided to buy a third copy of the game on GOG (this time the English version) and it finally works perfectly!

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