What is Suzanne Somers Net Worth?


SUZANNE Somers has had a long and successful career in acting and in business, which has helped her build up extensive net worth.

Somers recently boasted of having had sex with her husband Alan Hamel “three times before noon” most days.


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Who is Suzanne Somers?

Suzanne Somers is an American actress, author, singer, businesswoman, and health advocate.

She appeared in the televised role of Chrissy Snow in Three’s Company and Carol Foster Lambert in Step by Step.

She received an Emmy nomination as an Outstanding Host for The Suzanne Show, her weekly Lifetime Network talk show, which offers an “alternative to a stimulating morning show with in-depth health and wellness information in the world. a relaxed and entertaining format “.

Suzanne Somers arriving at the 17th Annual Palm Springs Film Festival Gala


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Somers has their own line of clean beauty products and home fitness guides.

Who is Suzanne Somers husband Alan Hamel?

Alan Hamel, 80, is a Canadian artist, producer and television host best known for his work on Razzle Dazzle and Anniversary Game.

In the late 1970s, he hosted The Alan Hamel Show, a popular daytime talk show on CTV. People magazine once considered him to be the premier host of television talk shows in Canada.

Nowadays, Hamel and Somers often co-produce projects together.

Somers, 74, recently had a conversation about Heather Dubrow’s World Podcast about her sex life, as she explained that due to “hormones” the longtime couple “has been having a lot of sex” lately.

Suzanne Somers and her husband Alan Hamel


Suzanne Somers and her husband Alan HamelCredit: Getty

She said: “At this point in life most people think it’s, you know, too much information.

“But what time is it, like noon?” I have slept with him three times so far today. What happens around 4:30 in the morning that suddenly he’s there? I’m like ‘Could you just wait for the sun to come up?’ “

The Three’s Company alumnus and her husband, 84, tied the knot in 1977.

This is not the first time that the former Dancing with the stars the candidate spoke about her fascinating sex life, as she had already done hinted that she suffered a broken hip from all of her intercourse.

do they have children?

Suzanne has a son from a previous relationship and Alan has two children, a son named Stephen and a daughter named Leslie, from his first marriage to Marilyn Hamel.

Somers married Bruce Somers in 1965, when she was 19, and they had a son, Bruce Jr. in November 1965. This marriage ended in 1968.

Somers and Hamel do not have any of their own children together.

Suzanne Somers and her son Bruce


Suzanne Somers and her son BruceCredit: Getty

Speaking of her marriage to Hamel, Somers said having adult children has made their relationship stronger.

“My God, our relationship has always been amazing,” she said.

“But now that our kids are raised and it’s just me and Al, and we’ve paid the school fees, we’ve paid for the weddings and helped them get started – now it’s just us.” Dude, are we having fun.

What is Suzanne Somers Net Worth?

Somers is said to be worth $ 100 million according to Celebrity net worth.

Although Somers is best known for her acting work, she has since grown into a very successful entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Somers has also become famous for his self-help books, many of which focus on alternative medicine.

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