Weird SSD Failure – Apple SSD Corrupts Files When Storage Exceeds 50%

I just posted about my 2012 MacBook Pro Retina being bulletproof,
And moments later my system died, apparently with unrecoverable disk utility/first aid reports, many errors, in fact, it hit the maximum number of reports and terminated subsequent reports. This one was easy to replicate, by downloading files or exceeding 50% SSD usage, it starts corrupting active files, sometimes critical system files that are supposed to be protected and duplicated in case of error .

I ended up ordering a 1TB OWC SSD, after questioning their reliability I wanted to get the 2TB one but for the price they charge I could buy a 4TB SSD for my PC from desk.

I’ve never had an SSD failure before, especially a Samsung based Apple SSD, so I thought you’d like to know that there are no reported failures for this type of issue, it just happens when you start filling up the drive. With only the base OS installed, it works fine and produces no file system errors. It seems that apps like DriveDX aren’t designed to detect this type of failure, or that the SSD has no idea what’s going on when it starts filling up. Here’s what DriveDX’s smart meters show:


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