Top 10 DJs in the world who have reigned in the industry for decades


Tthere have been a lot of trends, movements and revolutions in music that have changed everything. With the rapidly changing world, many dynamic genres have emerged and evolved. Among all, the Disk Jockey changed the world forever. He’s a jockey, the DJ who would introduce old tracks with a modern, upbeat twist like a remix. Being the world’s first DJ, Jimmy Savile is the pioneer of this movement and since then many DJs have arrived all over the world. Every year many new artists arrive, but only a few of them successfully rule the international music industry.

Here are the Top 10 DJs in the world in 2021:

David Guetta: Instagram
  1. David Guetta

Pierre David Guetta, better known as David Guetta, has reigned in the industry for over two decades, but his songs still rock the playlist and the clubs. He’s a French DJ, record producer, music programmer, songwriter, etc. He was considered the best DJ of all time for his musical acumen and various skills. Over 30 million studio solos and 9 million albums have been sold worldwide, which puts him at the top. Guetta was voted number in 2011 by the poll of the DJ Mag TOP 100 DJs.

Musical successes – His 2009 album ‘One Love’ was a great success. Singles like ‘Sexy Bitch’, ‘Getting Over you’, ‘When Love Takes Over’, ‘Memories’, etc. are some of the pioneering tracks.

Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix: Instagram
  1. Martin Garrix

Martijn Gerard Garritsen, better known as Martin Garrix, is one of the most talented DJs and record producers in the world. Originally from the Netherlands, this Dutch DJ graduated in sound production from the University of Utrecht from the Herman Brood Academy. With his knowledge and skills, Martin provided listeners with some of the best progressive house music experiences with a dose of his individuality. He is currently the world’s best EDM DJ with the most followers on Instagram.

Musical successes – In 2015, her single “Forbidden” garnered 10 million likes on Facebook and that was just the beginning. ‘In The Name Of Love’, ‘Scared To be Lonely’, ‘Animals’ and many other tracks are part of his musical arsenal.

Tiësto: Instagram
  1. Tiësto

Tiësto is also a Dutch DJ heavily influenced by Martin, especially his performance at the 2004 Olympics. He claimed a lot of honor and love from his fans and followers. In 2013, The DJ Mag voted him “Best DJ of the last 20 years”. On the other hand, Mix Magazine named him ‘All Time’s Greatest DJ’. Some consider him to be the “Godfather of EDM”. He was voted “World No. 1 DJ” for three years, from 2002 to 2004.

Musical successes – His first solo album “In My Memory” was released in 2001 and since then he has released many musical hits. His third studio album ‘Elements of Life’ was nominated for the Grammy Awards.

Armin Van Buuren
Armin Van Buuren: Instagram
  1. Armin Van Buuren

Armin was born in Leiden in South Holland and developed his passion for music from an early age. He started making music as a teenager and started playing as a DJ in local bars when he was just 14 years old. As he further developed his skills, he began to broaden his perspectives in recent years and became one of the best DJs in the world. . His progressive house singles made him one of the greatest DJs with the biggest appearances on the Billboard Dance / Electronic roster.

Musical successes – With the popular radio series “A State of Trance”, six of his singles became a worldwide hit. So far the artist has released six studio albums and each of them is a hit. He received a nomination for his track “This is Something It Feels Like”.


  1. Hardwell

Record producer, remixer and very talented Dutch electro house DJ Hardwell have successfully become one of the greatest DJs in the world. DJ Mag voted him No. 1 DJ in the world for two consecutive years 2013 and 2014 respectively. He placed third in DJ Mag’s Top 100. The DJ is appreciated both for his singles and remixes as well as for his steadfast performances at music festivals. He released a total of eleven compilation albums and one documentary film under his label.

Musical successes – His debut album “United We Are” in 2015 was a record release that won him popularity. “Spaceman”, “Bigroom Never Dies”, “Imaginary”, “Live The Night”, etc. are some of the successes of his prolific career. ‘Summer Air’ in 2019 is still buzzing the industry.

Skrillex: Instagram
  1. Skrillex

Sonny Moore, also known as Skrillex, is an American DJ who drove the generation crazy with his music. Specializing in Dubstep, EDM, MoomBahton and electro house music, his tracks have always brought something unique and dynamic. Beginning his singing career in 2004, he gradually found his love in mixing and composition. From 2008, he started to gain attention as a versatile DJ. The artist has won eight Grammy Awards, twice the MTV Video Music Award and once the Annie Award.

Musical successes – ‘Bangarang’, ‘Nice Sprites’, ‘Scary Monsters’, etc. are some of the fiery pieces where things got pretty crazy.

Marshmello: Instagram
  1. Marshmello

DJ Chris Comstock, better known as Marshmello, is a talented DJ and EDM producer famous for his marshmallow headgear. With his skills and individuality, the artist has created his own “feel good” EDM genre that instantly captivates listeners. His collaborations with other artists while making remixes and compositions have helped him find his way. His songs made it to the Top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100s.

Musical successes – Some of his hit singles are “Friends”, “Wolves”, “Summer”, “Silence”, “Happier”, and the list goes on. In 2019, he released “One Right Thing”, another important step in his career.

Steve aoki
Steve Aoki: Instagram || Photo: Aldo Carrera
  1. Steve aoki

American DJ and record producer Steve Aoki is well revered for his supernatural EDM mixes. Early childhood, birthdays, first loves and all the elements of life are present in his compositions to bring an essence of youth. Breaking down all stereotypical styles, the artist is able to make enjoyable, overflowing pieces, and invites everyone to join in on an unbridled musical journey. There is overwhelming emotion or dark vibrations; only a continuous flow of pleasure and energy.

Musical successes – ‘Send It’, ‘Azukita’, ‘Are You Lonely’, ‘Hoovela’, etc. are some of the hits from his collection.

Afrojack: Instagram
  1. Afrojack

Nick van de Wall, better known as Afrojack, is a talented DJ and record producer from Spijkenisse in South Holland. He started composing and DJing in local pubs at the age of 14. While dabbling among the subgenres of electro house, Dutch house, minimal house, moombahton, etc. he has become one of the most dynamic artists working under the Wall Recordings label. It has been nominated several times for the Grammy and won an MTV Europe Music Awards. He regularly remains in the Top 10 of DJs in the top 100 of DJ Mag, except for the year 2014.

Musical successes – ‘Forget The World’ in 2014 was his biggest contribution.

Calvin harris
Calvin Harris: Instagram
  1. Calvin harris

Calvin Harris’ musical career began in 2007 and since then a new EDM world has emerged. This British DJ is also the richest DJ in the world who has steadily remained in the Top 10 DJs over the past decade. Throughout his musical career he has worked with many star performers like Rihanna, Ne-Yo, etc.

Musical successes – The first album in 2007, ‘I Created Disco’ is one of his greatest contributions. Success was quickly followed by her second album, ‘Ready for the Weekend’. It came no. 1 in the ranking of British albums. In 2012, her ’18 months’ album broke a record selling 923,000 copies across the UK.

Honorable mentions – If it weren’t for the Top 10 DJs, the list could go on with Late Avicii, Alan Walker, Zedd, Diplo, DJ Snake and many others who have enriched the international music industry with their compositions.

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