The “Eyesore” bike rack was removed… but only because the driver crashed into it


A bicycle parking lot in Stevenage was damaged beyond repair when a driver collided with the bright green bicycle-shaped structure. However, some locals say that’s not a bad thing as it was a “nasty horror”.

The council broke the news that the rack outside Tesco, one of three installed on Stevenage High Street last year, was no longer after a motorist entered it, making it unsafe to use. The driver did not stop at the scene and was not identified.

Transport Executive Cllr Lloyd Briscoe said: ‘Over the Christmas period the bike rack outside Tesco was hit by a car and had to be removed for safety reasons.

“The design of the racks proved to be a talking point for many residents, with several sharing their views on how often they are used and how easy they are to spot.

“Before this incident happened, the council carried out a survey of the main street in the old town and a particular question about these bike racks.

“We asked if we should keep them, move them or replace them. We are reviewing those responses and will let everyone know what we plan to do in the not too distant future.”

The light-up bike rack was pulled for £213 for Stevenage Borough Council, but not everyone was sad to see it go.

While some pointed out that it was a well-used facility that should be replaced, others hoped that any replacement would be more practical and less environmentally friendly.

Iain Kilmurray said: “Great to see the visual pollution has been removed! Now install a suitable cycle rack in the paved area. Stevenage has over 40km of cycle lanes separated from the motorway but parking the bikes where vehicles are maneuvering is a good idea?”

Eamonn Walsh added: “It’s not great if it costs the council, but it was extremely lousy.”

The racks, designed by Cyclehoop, have also been spotted elsewhere, by Simon of, for example, who spotted this group running into a cheeky Nandos on a just off Regent Street.

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