The best kitchen gifts for budding chefs


Whether your dad thinks he’s a chef or is still trying to figure out how to get those knife skills, these gifts are perfect for the ambitious home cook (of any level!).

Misen Essentials Knife Set

Knife skills are important at every step of the game, and getting it right isn’t just about a nice presentation and an evenly cooked dish – it’s about safety too. This essential knife set de Misen ($ 130 for 3 pieces and $ 200 for 5 pieces) is designed for the beginner chef.The 3-piece set includes a chef’s knife, serrated knife and paring knife, while the set of 5 Piece also includes a Santoku Knife and Utility Knife. All knives are made from AICHI steel and are a great way to start building a kitchen collection.

Vitamix Aer disc container

He probably already has a blender, but this mixing container ($ 145) is perfect for the home chef who also enjoys making quality cocktails. It can do the job of both a pestle and a shaker, but at the same time chill drinks. It’s like having a built-in bartender!

Rendall Co. Kenwood Bistro Apron

Sometimes the most important aspect of feeling like a chef is to dress the room and a premium quality bistro apron ($ 65) is a good start. This apron covers from the waist down and even has pockets to hold her favorite spatula, like a tool belt!

Everyday photo book for the uprising of the artefacts

A home chef usually has a collection of expensive recipes, and an amazing gift for that cook is to create a photo book (starts at $ 69) of his popular dishes. This 7×7 “photo book is completely customizable, from the color of the fabric to the foil stamping, which means it can be made very unique and personal. It’s something he will cherish for years to come.

Staub cast iron pan

Owning the right frying pans – from deep frying to searing, from browning to sautéing, is essential for any serious chef, or even the chef at home or with serious aspirations! This cast iron pan ($ 170) is the real deal. It’s made of heavy cast iron, so it’ll get even heat distribution and a nice sear, and it’s oven safe up to 900 ° F, so there’s nothing this baby can’t do! These jars are made to last a lifetime, so it’s a gift that will continue to be given.

U-Konserve Stainless Steel Food Storage

Home chefs tend to cook a lot – and that means they have a lot of leftovers to keep! These stainless steel nesting containers ($ 18) are great for everything from meal prep to leftovers to picnicking, and have flexible lids that are both easy to open and waterproof.

Bonnie Plants Carolina Reaper Pepper Plant

Gardening has gotten hot over the past year, and more than ever, people are growing everything from herbs to vegetables at home. If he likes hot things, he will love to grow his own hot searing chili peppers with this plant ($ 30).

Hummus Kit with Primary Beans

Home chefs love to try new things or creative tricks on old favorites – and that’s what makes this hummus kit such a fun idea. the pencil case ($ 53) includes Primary Bean Chickpeas, Soom Foods Tahini, and PRMRY Extra Virgin Olive Oil – plus a classic hummus recipe that’s sure to get delicious results.

Misfits Market

Sometimes the funniest part of cooking is trying out new ingredients, and that online grocer (Minimum order $ 30) will deliver fresh organic produce, pantry staples and other groceries to their doorstep. Maybe he enjoys cooking but has made the same handful of dishes over and over? It will help him to shake things up!

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