The 10 Coolest SSD & Flash Storage Products of 2021


Flash storage: speed isn’t always the priority

Over the past decade, flash storage has become a keystone in the storage industry and in the computer industry as a whole. And this despite the fact that the storage buying decision is not determined solely by performance, but rather by what businesses need for their specific – and ever-changing – situations.

Performance is important, but it’s not just about faster, it’s better. Instead, the performance required depends on the workload, which in turn helps solution providers determine the type of flash storage required. These range from high-speed flash modules tailored for high-performance workloads to consumer flashes that deliver high performance, but with capacity and price characteristics similar to spinning drives.

But there are other considerations. All-flash solid-state drives and storage arrays are increasingly available with built-in protection against cybersecurity and ransomware and can be hardened to protect against harsh environments.

Manufacturers of solid-state drives and flash storage products were busy in 2021 finding new ways to meet the changing needs of businesses and consumers through advancements in flash storage technology. Here’s a look at the 10 coolest SSD and flash storage products of 2021.

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