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It’s hard to eloquently sum up the long list of features that Teenage Engineering OB-4 offers, whether it’s the impressive motorized user interface (more on that later), or the high capacity battery that delivers an average of 40 hours of listening time on a single charge.

But it’s the OB-4’s ability to record live over FM radio, Bluetooth, or line-in for two hours on a continuous loop tape, which means you can spin that little reel of tape. digital touch and rewind a big tune, catch on missed headlines or just repeat one of Jeremy Vine’s ridiculous phone calls until you start to question the very point of life itself.

Granted, it only offers decidedly old-school FM radio, so the quality really depends on the quality of the signal in your area, but Teenage Engineering does offer a booster antenna in addition to the powerful number built into that sleek grip, so it does. fairly easy to tune in on major stations.

If rewinding the live radio isn’t your thing, the Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth 5 LE inputs are wonderful for producing clear, natural sounds just about anywhere you want.

You can also select a traditional line-in feature for any other music device you may have. According to its creator, the Teenage Engineering OB-4 is designed “to be played outdoors, in public spaces and at high volume”.

They even suggest you carry him over your shoulder like some sort of homeboy who starts a block party. Ignore that, it’s just great for filling the house with sound or for a hipster picnic.

Interacting with the unit itself is about as easy as it gets, but to the point that you find yourself lazily poking buttons to see what happens. Turn the motorized volume control and it lights up.

Scroll through the entries by pressing the large “enter” button, scan the radio waves by pressing the “play” button and adjust the volume with said motorized rotary knob. Things only start to get complicated (and a little scary) when you start playing around with the “ disc ” feature, which is essentially the same as disappearing into the real brain of Teenage Engineering …

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