‘SNL’ cools as Titanic Bowen Yang iceberg sketch goes viral – Deadline


The Iceberg who sent the unsinkable ship the Titanic to a watery grave 109 years ago has gone viral and wants everyone to know it wasn’t his fault. Blame the water.

Actor Bowen Yang’s April appearance on the SNL segment “Weekend Update” has now found new life, circulating to celebrate the comedic style of the late-night show’s flamboyant star.

In the sketch that is circulating now, Yang is wearing a gigantic crown of ice and frosted lipstick. After some reluctance at the start – “I think my publicist was very clear. I am not here to talk about the sinking. – he finally agrees to talk about that fateful night of 1912.

Iceberg said he was minding his own business when he was attacked at his home by a “head-on Riverdance” incident.

“It was a very long time ago. I thought a lot to try to overtake him, ”said the Iceberg. “It’s a very small part of a part of me. But there is so much going on below the surface that you cannot see.

The appearance, the Iceberg insisted, was not to speak of the shipwreck. Instead, it was designed to promote his new album, Music, a name apparently borrowed from another disaster. The record “hyperpop EDM new disco fantasia” was pumped by a short live performance of one of his singles.

The iceberg claimed that if he was sorry for the “40 or 50 people who died, or whatever how many”. However, “I was watching this and I was like, ‘Oh my god, they’re going to make a movie about this!’” He said.

He concluded with a suggestion on who was the real villain of the tragedy: the North Atlantic. “Nobody talks about water!” he said. “What did the autopsy say?” Do they have an iceberg? No, they drowned, bitch!

Look at the full sketch above.

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