Six unique brands that caught our eye at the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia


The Handmade Bicycle Show Australia is not just a gathering place for the country’s small builders. The show has become a showcase for a number of local suppliers of components and accessories.

Among the likes of SRAM, Enve, Rapha, Schwalbe, DT Swiss, Syntace, Ale, Ortlieb, Abbey Bike Tools and many more were a handful of locally made and designed offerings.

For the video above, we gave the microphone to a number of lesser-known local manufacturers and designers and asked them to explain their products. Below is a brief introduction to the six brands covered.

Flock Project

Project Flock is a new start-up that has already collected many prestigious design awards in its journey to make cyclists safer.

Still in the prototype phase, the first product is a rear light which aims to illuminate the pilot rather than the road. The general idea is that motorists will recognize and process human movements faster than conventional lights offer.

The light is expected to sell for AU $ 119. The Melbourne-based company hopes to expand its list of interested customers before going on Kickstarter.


Partington debuted at the 2019 edition of the show and has since finished testing their moot disc-specific carbon fiber wheels and put them into production.

The Geelong-based carbon wheel maker produces most of its components in-house, including the foam-core carbon rims and boomerang-style carbon spokes that wrap around the hub shell and then join the hub. rim at a second point.

Currently, the company only offers one product, the tubeless-ready R39 / R44 wheelset and disc brake with an actual weight of 1200 grams. This weight is even more impressive when you consider the rim depths and the stiffness properties of the wheels claimed.

Expect a little factory tour (at least from what they were willing to tell me) in the near future.

Terra Rosa equipment

Evan Howard from Terra Rosa equipment has a rather contagious personality. A few minutes of chatting with the Melbourne-based tarpaulin and bag maker and you’ll surely want to explore an unfamiliar place.

While fresh fabrics are used in many production products, a number of Howard’s custom designs use materials recycled from once-popular items such as sails, parachutes, tents and rain jackets. For example, the satchel pictured above was reconstructed from scraps from the workshop floor.

Passchier handlebars

Based in New Zealand, Passchier made the jump across the pond to show off their range of laminated bamboo handlebars – a material selected for its bending and cushioning properties.

Composite bars aim to reduce hand fatigue and improve riding comfort for cross country mountain biking, touring, bikepacking and commuter use. Plus, they look great.

There are three different versions of the bar available with unique sweeps suitable for various applications. Each bar has a reinforcement at the level of the clamping zone of the rod. Unfortunately, the material is not suitable for making drop handlebars.

Olas design

Olas design is a boutique furniture design (and manufacture) company run by Melbourne-based manufacturer Adrian Olasau.

As an avid cyclist, Olasau applied his skills to create the GH Bike Rack, a modern and minimalist bike rack that borders on art. It also happens to be simple to install and remove if needed.

Each stand is handmade to order and can be constructed from different woods (or even brass). Just be warned, the labor-intensive design doesn’t come cheap (around AU $ 700).

Craftworx Cycling

Based in Brisbane, Craftworx Cycling designs and manufactures competitively priced wheels for road, gravel and mountain bikes.

Craftworx has a different perspective than many and sees the wheels as part of the suspension system of the bike. They do this by trying to match the rim and spokes to the intended use and weight of the rider in order to achieve some vertical compliance.

The company offers a wide range of its own aluminum and carbon wheels. Pictured above is the Ultima Carbon SL50 Disc, a 1501g (claimed) 50mm deep aero wheelset priced at AU $ 2,539.

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