Shelves laid bare at Co-op in Dalton amid ‘disruption’ in supplies


SHELVES laid bare in a city supermarket which is grappling with a “disruption” of deliveries and stocks.

Customers visiting the Market Street, Dalton Co-op this week were shocked to find the shelves were completely empty in the city’s only supermarket.

The refrigerated aisle with ready meals and pizza was empty on Monday, leading shoppers to visit other retailers for their everyday items.

However, Co-op is not the only one with inventory supply issues. More than a quarter of catering and hospitality businesses have been hit by low inventory levels in recent weeks as Britain’s growing supply chain crisis takes its toll, new figures from the l ‘Office for National Statistics (ONS).

A recent business survey found that 27% of food and beverage companies reported lower than normal inventory levels – the hardest hit of any industry.

It comes amid a growing supply chain crisis, which is increasingly leaving supermarket shelves empty and leading to a shortage of materials and higher prices in many industries, from housing construction to construction. automobile production.

Fast food chain McDonald’s had to remove milkshakes and bottled drinks from its menu last month as it battled supply issues due to a shortage of truck drivers.

The latest bimonthly ONS survey found that businesses across the UK are struggling to source materials, goods and services.

A Co-op spokesperson said, “We’re sorry to run out of some products.

“Like many retailers, we are affected by uneven disruption to our deliveries and in-store operations.

“But we are working closely with our suppliers – and recruiting up to 3,000 temporary colleagues – to keep depots at full capacity and quickly restock stores.”

Images also shared last week by The Mail showed completely empty shelves at Tesco in Hindpool Road, Barrow.

The shelves usually used to display vegetables were bare amid national problems with food supply chains.

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