Sharon Osbourne could quit ‘The Talk’ after dust of racism


Sharon Osbourne, long the “big girl with the big voice” of “The Talk,” is unsure whether she will return after the network finishes its investigation into last week’s racial dust. his defense of Piers Morgan.

The interruption of production on the CBS Roundtable, which was placed on a two day break after Osbourne and co-host Sheryl Underwood got tangled up last Wednesday, has been extended for a week Tuesday.

Osbourne, 68, recounted “Entertainment tonight” the same day she felt she had been created by CBS executives. She spoke of a pact the panelists reportedly made in February after Carrie Ann Inaba surprised fellow co-host Elaine Welteroth with a question posed to her by the producers.

Inaba, who is of Asian American descent, asked Welteroth, who is black, what Osbourne called a “very naive” question about why whites couldn’t use the N word. After Welteroth and Inaba both found each other in tears, Osbourne said, they all agreed that in the future they would not go blind with surprise questions.

Last Wednesday, Osbourne said, a producer asked her if she would “clear up the Piers case again” even though “maybe one of them doesn’t agree with you.” But she didn’t expect Welteroth to bring up anti-racism, and she didn’t expect Underwood to suggest she was covering up racism.

“I was set up,” Osbourne said “ET,” describing his thoughts at the time. “And I went, like, how dare you all do this to me?” I am your sacrificial lamb.

Osbourne admitted to “trying” her 11-year-old friend Underwood, including when she told Underwood “don’t try to cry,” reserving that right for herself.

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“I got too personal with Sheryl. I should never have said [anything] about her tears. I should never have dismissed his feelings on national television. Never. But I said it, I have to own it, ”she said.

Then she added fiercely, “I was so angry. I can’t begin to tell you. But not with Welteroth or Underwood. His anger was directed at CBS, his 11-year-old network.

“I think CBS was so horrified of Piers for the things he was saying – because remember Harry and Meghan this is a CBS interview,” she said, alluding to his comments. former colleague of “America’s Got Talent” that former Meghan Markle was lying mental health and suicidal thoughts.

Morgan, who was quickly accused of racism for her responses to Meghan and Prince Harry Oprah Winfrey Interview, leave “Good Morning Britain”, the television show he co-hosted, having abruptly left the set last week.

Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, reported Wednesday that she had received a record 57,121 complaints, including one from the Duchess of Sussex herself, linked to her “Good Morning Britain” remarks about Meghan and Harry’s conversation with Winfrey. (“Only 57,000? I’ve had more people than that come down the street to congratulate me on what I said,” Morgan said in a mocking tweet Wednesday.)

Winfrey’s interview aired in the UK on March 8, a day after it aired in the US and drew high marks.

“I had sided with Piers, so that’s the culture of cancellation, isn’t it?” Throw her under the bus, ”Osbourne said.

The panelist said both “The Talk” showrunners were in tears after the clash, but declined to tell him the names of the executives they believed prompted the questioning.

Underwood, who preceded her request by saying that Osbourne had always been open to corrections and willing to learn, asked her co-host what she would say to people who thought she was giving shelter to racist comments.

Osbourne responded by asking Underwood to tell him what Morgan had said that was racist, and the cat quickly and emotionally spiraled from there.

“I even feel like I’m about to be put in the electric chair because I have a friend who a lot of people think is racist, which makes me a racist,” Osbourne said on “The Talk”. “And for me, at 68, to have to turn around and say, ‘I’m not a racist’. … How can I be racist towards anyone or anything in my life? How can I?”

Osbourne explained to “ET” on Tuesday, “I just thought this was the biggest setup ever, and I’m falling in it, and I’m going deeper into that hole.” Meanwhile, Underwood addressed the situation in a two-part discussion about his podcast last week, saying she experienced the heated exchange differently.

After the uncomfortable episode, other accusations emerged – from former “Talk” co-hosts Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini, who only lasted one season – that Osbourne had used slurs on them and others during his time on the show. Osbourne has denied Peete’s claim that she had the two fired from the show for being too ‘ghetto’.

Osbourne told “ET” she had called for an investigation into who brought up the Underwood issue and why she was “left out” on national television.

CBS said in a statement Tuesday that it is “committed to a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace in all of our productions.” We are also keenly aware of the significant concerns expressed and ongoing discussions regarding events on “The Talk”. This includes a process where all voices are heard, complaints are investigated and appropriate action taken if necessary. “

Osbourne said she apologized to Underwood but had not received a response. Her too apologized publicly last week via social media, noting that she was truly sorry “to anyone of color I have offended and / or anyone who feels confused or disappointed with what I have said.”

As for the future of ‘The Talk,’ said Osbourne, ‘I wish we could go on and have a calm adult conversation and make it happen. But I don’t know if we can. I don’t know if it got past that. But I don’t know if I want to go back.

“I don’t know if I’m wanted there.”

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