RIGd Supply presents the RambleRack – A truly all-terrain bike rack!


Posted on July 18, 2022 by Chris Chou

RIGd off-road accessories experts know the needs of off-road enthusiasts well. With their coveted UltraSwing bike rack as a premium choice for adding versatility to off-road or land vehicle builds, RIGd applied their knowledge and analytical approach to design a bike rack that would match the looks and to the capabilities of the vehicles on which they are placed. !

The RambleRack secures your bike during extreme off-road travel without any contact with the frame or fork.

RIGd recognized that the limiting factor in their crew’s ability to carry their bikes was often the bike rack – the available bike racks were simply not up to the job of safely transporting bikes in the field than their vehicles. were able to handle. Their engineers performed FEA (finite element analysis) and real-world testing to determine that the forces applied to the bike and the rack itself are significantly different on the trail versus a road route. The RIGd team felt that the accommodations made to make the available racks easy to use would be compromises that would put the bikes and the rack itself at risk when pushed in moderate to extreme off-road scenarios.

RambleRack Wheel Tray

The RambleRack wheel tray is symmetrical and designed to secure and protect bike wheels when things get crazy on the way to the trailhead – it will fit tires up to 3″ wide

The RambleRack design uses a specially designed symmetrical wheel tray to protect rims and tires up to 3″ wide, with an additional Fat bike tray available for tires up to 4.5″. A sturdy perpendicular ratchet arm that locks in place at 90º to apply direct downward pressure from the top of the tire to the center of the axle. Ample clearance for the fork legs eliminates the risk of component-destroying fork rubbing, and the entire rack is constructed from steel to significantly reduce or eliminate rack system flex.

The RambleRack is designed for use on rough trails and uses many common, non-proprietary parts that can be easily purchased should wear or damage occur when off-roading. The increasingly ubiquitous Voile Strap rear wheel attachment can be easily replaced and is a proven way to secure loads in dynamic situations. This modularity allows the use of longer straps if more security is desired or to easily mount a larger or wider tire. The zinc-primed powder coating ensures the rack will stay looking great through heavy use, and the American-made RambleRack is backed by a lifetime warranty.

RambleRack Arm

The RambleRack arm locks perpendicular to the deck to exert downward force on the front wheel, keeping even 50lb bikes secure when your vehicle’s wheels leave the ground!

The sturdiness of this rack also has advantages for those who aren’t directed off-road – on-road, the RambleRack is designed to support bikes weighing up to 100lbs, making it an excellent candidate for transporting worry-free electric bikes. RIGd goes on to state that the RambleRack is designed for bikes up to 75lbs in “moderate off-road” use, with “extreme off-road” riding (think wheels off the ground here) being limited to 50lb bikes. , still able to carry many e-MTBs while sending four wheels on the way to the trail!

The RambleRack is available in two versions – RambleRack-1 and RambleRack-T. RambleRack-1 is specifically designed for use on the UltraSwing hitch, however, it will also work directly into a 2 inch hitch receiver. This version is a high clearance static dart, which means it does not fold or stow beyond the folding of the front wheel arm when not in use. RambleRack-T is a tray-only rack for use on popular square or round mounting surfaces such as roof racks, van bumper racks, and is even compatible with some popular existing rack bases. This adaptability allows riders to give existing racks the off-road stability of the RambleRack without having to invest in an entirely new platform. The weight of the RambleRack-1 system is 46 lbs with the tray version weighing 34 lbs.

RIGd RambleRack Closed now

The RambleRack is currently offered for carrying a single bike, but additional racks and a dual option are on the way

It should be noted that the RambleRack is currently only available to support a single bike, however, dual options will soon be available, with the option to add a kit also underway for those who have purchased the RambleRack as one. single bike. first option.

The RambleRack-1 MSRP is $899 and the RambleRack-T MSRP is $629, with both versions currently available for pre-order!



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