Report of sexual misconduct, payment of $ 25,000 and the brutal exit of an activist


She replied at 10:54 pm, “Home now. “

Shaken, the woman told her husband what had happened that night. In the following days, she said she also spoke to Arabella and David Mensah, a consultant who still works with JLUSA. Mr. Mensah did not respond to messages for comment. Arabella referred the questions to the New Venture Fund.

On Thursday, a few days after the incident, Arabella’s senior human resources manager responded, “I just wanted to let you know quickly that I received this email and will get back to you very soon. I also wanted to say that I am very sorry to hear that this has happened to you.

The following month, the woman officially left and accepted payment. In an email of September 10, 2015, the Senior Director of Human Resources said that Mr. Martin would be notified of his departure and would notify other staff. “As discussed previously, communication will be neutral and without any details about what happened or the terms of this agreement,” the director wrote.

About four months later, in January or February 2016, another 35-year-old woman said she met Mr Martin at a panel discussion and then followed her up through direct messages on Facebook. Interested in talking to him about the justice reform, she says she accompanied Mr. Martin to his apartment one evening.

She said she found him attractive, but a conversation about wine took an obscene and unexpected turn after Mr. Martin went to his room. She said he was lying on the bed and asked him to join him, which she said she refused to do. “The best way to describe it was a ‘Why don’t you want me?’ Moan,” she recalls.

He then pulled out his penis and masturbated, she said. “I felt paralyzed. I could neither move nor walk away. I could not. I was stuck there, “she said, later adding,” I remember thinking, ‘He’s not embarrassed?’ “

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