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What does Linode look for in future employees?

We are constantly looking for people who are not only qualified to do the job, but have the passion to do it well. We have a unique environment where our projects are neither segmented nor compartmentalised. Every employee owns what they’re working on and can see how it affects our users and how it fits into a high-level strategy. We are looking for people with a strong interest in learning and growing – personally and professionally.

Also, empathy is the name of the game, and while it may sound corny, our number one requirement is a desire to help people. Customer support is at the heart of every Linode employee’s job. If you’re not motivated by solving problems and making people happy, you’re in the wrong place.

What about technical skills?

Linode employees, especially those in the support team, often come to the company with a variety of non-technical backgrounds. That said, technical aptitude is essential. All employees take the Linux command line. The work we do is Linux specific.

Technologists should know that while historically we have been a Python store using Flask, Django, and React, many of our next-gen systems are built with Go and Kubernetes. On top of that, we use SaltStack for configuration management, Docker for containerization, and Jenkins for continuous integration. We don’t care so much about years of experience with particular languages, frameworks, and libraries as much as passion, the ability to learn new technologies, and the eagerness to work with the best tools for each job.

We run a six week training program for anyone new to support and there is a two week mentorship after that before you even answer a call. This helps build a strong support team, but it also creates a wonderful resource for the rest of the business, whether it’s engineering, marketing, or technical documentation.

What does a typical working day at Linode look like?

Ultimately, you can and should have a great time working at Linode. We empower our people to use their knowledge to do the job the best way, to have constructive debates, and ultimately to do the things that will produce the best results. We kept our startup spirit, but with the advantage of being a market leader in a booming industry. Ultimately, our employees are passionate about the things they work on, which creates a rewarding environment.

Linode strives to be communicative and open, both with our open source community and with each other. Employees are encouraged to provide feedback on how to improve the business and the platform, and this feedback is always valued.

Many of our internal employees were Linode customers before coming to work at Linode. It’s really easy to hear the voice of the customer when it’s also the person sitting opposite helping you build the product.

How does Linode encourage professional growth and learning?

Linode offers a unique opportunity for those looking to launch or pursue a great career in technology while learning new skills on the job. We have cultivated a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement. Career aspirations are not limited here, and new roles are often created based on personal goals and business needs.

We have a Day-in-the-Life program where employees interested in another role can spend a day shadowing someone in that role. We create courses naturally instead of sending you to seek certification.

A new “work from home” policy allows employees to work remotely two days a week, three if they are part of the support team. Many feel the new policy has increased their productivity, as well as eased the burden of finding that elusive balance between life and work.

What new projects or partnerships is Linode excited about?

Linode recently entered into a first partnership with Limelight, a cutting-edge service platform delivering high-performance digital experiences. The partnership was a win-win for both companies. Linode has gained access to a world-class content distribution network, prompting its expansion into a new vertical customer base of large enterprises, while Limelight is reaping the benefits of Linode’s specialized IT expertise.


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