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Bhopal: Online classes kicked off at several schools from June 1, but it looks like the students are not being shielded as many are fighting for books according to the schedule. Bookstores cited the lockdown as the reason for the shortage. They said unlocking had just started and the required books would be available soon.
“My son is in grade 4. According to the school curriculum, couple books are still not available on the market. I’m waiting for them, ”said Anuj Singh, a relative.
Another parent said schools should have started online classes instead of July 1. “Classes don’t help much when the right books aren’t available. Despite several efforts, I could not put the books away. My son has to skip some rules because it becomes difficult to understand without books, ”said Ankit Agarwal, a parent.
Schools, however, said they held regular classes so that students didn’t feel the lack of books. “Classes have just started and in such a situation it is not viable to force children to come to class with all the books. Students do not have to worry about it,” said a teacher. school without mentioning its name.
Schools said they were focusing more on the activity classes of the program in order to be able to deal with this problem.
Bookstores have said all books will be available soon. “Few stores have all the books while others don’t. As the unlocking has started, this issue will be fixed soon as well,” said a bookstore owner.


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