New law enforcement courses train officers in community policing and organizational wellness


National University Launches New Courses To Help Police Departments Improve Public Safety And Well-Being In California Communities

La Jolla, California – January 29, 2021 – National University, a non-profit university celebrating its 50-year history of serving adult learners, educators and working veterans, today announced the launch of two new courses that will train law enforcement personnel to the importance of community policing and organizational well-being. The University received two grants totaling $ 700,000 from the California Commission on Peace Officer Training and Standards (POST) to develop new courses with the goal of strengthening existing community partnerships and fostering new ones. .

“This past year has been an undeniably difficult time in the history of policing across our country, but every challenge is an opportunity,” said Shelley Zimmerman, Chancellor-appointed National University and former head of the San Diego police. “As law enforcement officials in our noble and honorable profession, it is extremely important to provide best A century-old training aimed at increasing the overall effectiveness of policing and promoting the common goal of healthier and safer communities. “

Zimmerman, a decorated police executive for 35 years and a pioneer in police management as the first female chief in the history of the San Diego Police Department, joined National University after her tenure with the department. She teaches and lectures on a variety of public safety and leadership topics in order to expand training opportunities for public safety professionals, including law enforcement officers and civilian personnel, through the through the University. Promise of public safety initiative.

Dr. Susan Zukowski, vice president of training and development of workforce education solutions for the national university system, led the effort to receive the grant and create the programs, working with forces law enforcement and community leaders and members to identify opportunities and challenges related to community policing and organizational well-being. “In developing these courses, we wanted to contribute to law enforcement and community building in a way that could have a lasting impact, be a catalyst for long-term change. We did this by listening to the voices of over 100 law enforcement and community members to try to infuse multiple perspectives into developing an engaging program.

National University faculty experts, in collaboration with law enforcement and the Institute for Violence, Abuse, and Trauma, developed the course program following the listening tour at the statewide which included civic, religious, public health and civil rights groups.

During the eight-hour course on community policing, California law enforcement personnel will learn the fundamentals of community policing, an evidence-based theory of law enforcement focused on building proactive and collaborative relationships between the civilian community and law enforcement agencies. of the law. During the nine-hour program on organizational well-being, participants will learn to apply these practices through real-world scenarios and receive training on wellness issues that affect interactions with community members and within agencies, such as mental health, unconscious bias and the impact of poverty, violence and trauma on the community.

Classes will be delivered through self-paced asynchronous classes, and participants will be able to select live sessions that are convenient for them, making the course more accessible to law enforcement officers on active duty with complex schedules.

“This initiative is a prime example of how we can meet the complex training needs of public service professionals, while contributing to the health and well-being of the very communities they serve,” said Chris Graham. , president of Workforce Education Solutions at the National University. System. “Developed with the guidance of law enforcement professionals and public health experts, it will provide hands-on and relevant training to hundreds of California police officers.”

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