Microsoft introduces Azure Premium SSD V2 disk storage


Microsoft recently announced the preview of high-end SSD v2, the next generation of Microsoft Azure Premium SSD storage. This new drive offering provides, according to the company, the most advanced block storage solution designed for a wide range of input/output (IO) intensive enterprise production workloads that require lower than millisecond as well as high input/output operations per second (IOPS) and throughput, at low cost.

The latest update around Azure Disk Storage was in 2019 with the introduction of Ultra Disks. This managed disk offering provides customers with high throughput and high input/output (IO) for Azure virtual machines (VMs). With Premium SSD v2, customers can now provision of up to 64 TiB storage capacity, 80,000 IOPSand 1,200 MBPS throughput on a single drive.

Compared to the Premium SSD (first version), the IOPS performance depends on the selected disk sizeyet v2 provides a Base performance of 3000 IOPS whatever the size. Moreover, Premium SSD V2 has five types of persistent disks.


Premium SSD v2 is well suited for a wide range of production workloads such as – SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB, SAP, Cassandra, Mongo DB, big data/analytics, gaming, on virtual machines or stateful containers . Additionally, Aung Oo, General Manager, Azure Storage, explained in an Azure blog post the main advantage of Azure Premium SSD v2 disk storage:

You can dynamically scale IOPS and throughput up or down as needed without downtime, allowing you to cost-effectively manage disk performance while avoiding the maintenance overhead of spanning multiple disks to achieve better performance.

However, an outworlder responding on a Hacker News thread stated that there are quite a few limitations:

Limitations of Premium SSD v2

• Premium SSD v2 disks cannot be used as an operating system disk.
• Currently, Premium SSD v2 disks can only be attached to zonal virtual machines.
• Currently, Premium SSD v2 disks cannot be attached to virtual machines in virtual machine scale sets.
• Currently, snapshotting is not supported and you cannot create a Premium SSD v2 from the snapshot of another disk type.
• Currently, Premium SSD v2 disks cannot be attached to virtual machines with on-host encryption enabled.
• Currently, Premium SSD v2 disks cannot be attached to virtual machines in high availability sets.
• Azure Disk Encryption is not supported for VMs with Premium SSD v2 disks.
• Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery are not supported for VMs with Premium SSD v2 disks.

Microsoft employee Larrybud responded in the thread:

I don’t think it’s fair to generalize about the limitations of Premium SSD V2 drives. This service is brand new and still in preview. Preview services are just that, preview, and may not be fully featured yet. I would expect most of these limitations to be removed by the time the service hits GA (just speculating, I have no specific knowledge of the service).

The Premium SSD v2 is available on request only in the Eastern US and Western Europe Azure regions. And once registered, customers can create and manage Premium SSD v2 through the Azure portal, PowerShell, and CLI SDKs.

Finally, according to pricing page, the total cost of Premium SSD v2 disk storage will depend on the size and number of disks you provision and their configurations. However, the page indicates that Premium SSD v2 pricing will be available from August 1, 2022.


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