How to Recover Drive Storage Usage Bar in Windows 10


Don’t see the visual bar showing how much free space you have on your Windows 10 hard drives? Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix.

Windows Vista had its ups and downs, but it did one thing well by introducing a cool feature to the My Computer window. The operating system displayed disk drives with a visual bar below showing available disk space. It may not have had too many day-to-day features, but it has become the standard that Windows users are used to.

However, if for some reason you no longer see the bar under Windows 10 disk drives that tells you how much space is available on each, the solution is simple. With just a few clicks, you’ll be back to what’s familiar.

How to See Free Spacebar on Windows 10 Disk Drives

Follow these simple steps to get Windows to display the visual bar of connected disk drives in This PC.

  1. Go to the To see tab in the ribbon of Windows Explorer.
  2. Check the Provision options. In this section, if you are configured to display content as icons, the hard drive visual bar will not display.
  3. Switch the view to Floor tile or Content view to find the visual hard drive bar under your drive labels in Windows 10.

Your Windows 10 PC should now show the visual bar below the disk drives, telling you at a glance how much free space there is on each one.

Speaking of reverting to Vista, Windows 10 has many features that mimic older versions, some of which are not set as standard. Reverting to some of these earlier features is easier than others, but you can still change the look of your Windows 10 PC.


For example, you can give your Windows 10 computer a retro touch, going all the way back to Windows XP if you want. Alternatively, you can aesthetically refresh your computer by making Windows 10 look like Windows 11. The choice is yours; the options are many.

Change how Windows 10 looks and works

Storage indicator bars are handy for seeing how much data you have left at a glance. If yours have apparently disappeared, now you know how to bring them back.


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