WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – Trading card fever is at an all time high and the value of cards like Pokémon has risen so much that it brings out the worst in people.

It has become so bad that some stores are limiting the number they sell or even removing cards from the shelves altogether.

“If I didn’t limit them, this set would have gone by now,” said John Stone, director of Prairie Dog Comics.

The high demand for different types of collectible cards has grown rapidly in recent months… and this is having lasting repercussions.

“At first you don’t catch it until you realize that every time I buy this it goes away immediately,” Stone said.

Stone, says he must have started limiting the number of card packs people could buy.

First two packs per person, then only two packs per group due to how quickly they would sell out.

Companies like Target are even taking action by clearing the shelves of certain types of collectible cards, like Pokémon, MLB, NFL, and NBA for now, as fights erupted over the cards.

“It became such a security issue that they even had to have guards or people to watch while it was going on,” Stone said.

Stone says strong demand for cards started to increase during the pandemic, leading to an increase in resale value. And the videos of people opening the new card packs are getting a lot of attention.

Owner of TC Sports Memorabilia Finds, Ted Coleman calls it “the COVID craze”.

“There’s a shortage of cards. They don’t make that many and they’re trying to get them out,” Coleman said.

Coleman says he’s seen the price of the cards increase dramatically, especially the resale value. He says that might explain why so many people are competing to buy them right now.