HEB debunks viral photo of empty bread shelves

Photo by Steven Santana

HEB says they are not facing a bread shortage despite a photo going viral.

Steven Santana | MySA

You’ve probably seen this viral photo of nearly empty grocery store bread shelves doing the rounds on social media claiming it’s a San Antonio HEB. Well, take it with a grain of salt.

A Twitter user with the handle @loveshawaii shared the viral photo on Sunday, Jan. 9, claiming the empty shelves were at a “HEB in San Antonio, TX” with #BareShelvesBiden. The picture was shared by another account saying the empty shelves are at the Winn Dixie store in Florida with the same hashtag.

HEB spokeswoman Julie Bedingfield acknowledged supply chain issues across the country, but said in an emailed statement that the San Antonio-based grocery chain had no issues. bread supply.

“Given the challenging supply chain circumstances across countries, our stores are in good shape thanks to our excellent supply team,” Bedingfield said.

Others in replies to @loveshawaii’s tweet have invoked the photo’s validity. One person said the shelves at HEB stores in Houston were “filled with food.” Others called the tweet an attempt to make political hashtag viral.

Another user tweeted that “must be bread delivery day”, implying that the shelves simply hadn’t been restocked yet. Bedingfield said the photo could have come from a time when store supplies were tight.

“We don’t know where the photo is from and it could be taken anytime during the pandemic, snowstorm or hurricane,” Bedingfield said.

Early in the pandemic, panic led customers to empty shelves, but current photos posted online shouldn’t be immediately taken at face value.


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