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ATLANTA (CBS46) – It’s a show that welcomes many people who go to their weekly groceries, empty store shelves.

“It’s just random stuff, stuff that I wouldn’t even think about. Today there were no potatoes, not much meat,” said a father shopping at Kroger.

With the holidays over, many told CBS46 they think things might look a little better, but the empty shelves persist.

CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy checked out Publix, which was nearly sold out on toilet paper and salad mixes.

At Kroger, some kids’ vegetables and juices were mostly out of stock.

“There were a few products that I couldn’t find, which is annoying,” said a college student while shopping.

And the news gets worse. A report research firm IRi predicts a 5% increase in food costs due to higher labor, packaging, shipping and logistics costs.

Many families tell CBS46 that they now have to strategize for their trips and think on the fly, even visiting multiple places, in hopes of finding certain items and at the right price.

“Right on top of my head yeah I get a little more stuff from other places now just because this trip didn’t go to plan,” the student said.

“Do workarounds and make it work,” the father said.

Businesses are also struggling to find even the most basic items.

“Tumblers and lids right now are rare. I mean you can walk around the warehouse I go to and the whole island for your paper cups and lids and stuff is pretty much empty,” said Crazy Cuban owner Aldo Ramirez.

Supply problems have plagued the country for more than a year. Ephemeral ports are being used in Georgia to help the Port of Savanah catch up, with success officials say.

Many industries are also facing labor shortages, such as trucking companies supplying grocery stores with Omicron’s new push.

Problems that require businesses to plan ahead.

“A lot of people do that, you know they’re hoarding stuff. Trying to stock up and make sure they don’t run out. The joke is here, I gotta tell people there’s a $10 deposit if they want a cover,” Ramirez said.


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