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Grocery shopping in Puget Sound has been more difficult in recent weeks as the area is still recovering from the Christmas weekend storm.

“This is actually the third store I’ve been to tonight trying to find pasta,” John Jamison of Seattle says as he walks into Marketime Foods in Fremont.

Buyer Collin Tuggle adds, “It looks a lot like green and the products feel like it. Fresh produce just doesn’t feel quite like it there.

From QFC to the local family store, empty shelves in Puget Sound have shoppers scratching their heads wondering where all the goods are.

“Last week, our main grocery delivery truck didn’t even come,” says Bill Stamey, co-owner of Marketime Foods.

He says the culprit is the Christmas weekend snowstorm which brought the area to a standstill.

“Our warehouse actually couldn’t recruit enough people to load the trucks,” says Stamey. “It was something new this year that we hadn’t experienced in the past few years when we had winter storms.”

At QFC, spokeswoman Tiffany Sanders told KIRO 7 they are receiving daily deliveries to their stores: “We are working with our supplier community and logistics teams to ensure we have food and key items. available to the communities we serve.”


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