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Once again, there’s exciting news from Dremel, with the launch of the company’s all-new Cordless Ultra-Saw. The cutter, model number US20V, is a rebirth of Ultra-Saw after nearly seven years, and it is the company’s first tool powered by a 20-volt motor. (Dremel cordless devices are typically 12V, but this device is actually compatible with Bosch 18-volt cells and chargers.)

Dremel says his primary goal in developing the Cordless Ultra-Saw US20V was to create an affordable (MSRP = $ 179.99) and easy to maneuver tool that handles a number of simple and advanced DIY project tasks. , instead of requiring several different cuts and sanding. , and grinding devices to do a job.

Inside the box, the Dremel Cordless Ultra-Saw US20V set consists of ten pieces (including the device itself), with three 3.5 inch cutting discs (wood, metal, tile / brick) and a 7/16 inch wheel shaft and tool, a 20V MAX battery, a 20V charger, three accessories (auxiliary handle, dust-proof port adapter, edge guide) and a carry / storage bag in durable fabric.

Although the Dremel Ultra-Saw US20V is compact and cordless, it is extremely powerful and versatile enough for its size (it rotates 90 degrees for use as a sanding tool or angle grinder as well). The saw is capable of making straight, flush (with a domed wooden disc) and plunge cuts up to an inch deep, and it features a V-shaped sight line incorporated into the plate that helps users to Precisely cut wood, PVC, metal, tile, drywall, and even brick.

From a safety point of view, the aforementioned foot is made of metal, as is the shield which covers the cutting disc. A trigger switch is incorporated into the comfortable tool body for easy, smooth starting and stopping (motor gradually increases speed), and a single lock button sits on top of the saw. When activated, the lock prevents a drive from rotating by hand or under power.

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We put our Dremel Ultra-Saw US20V to work on a sheet metal part we needed for a workshop project. It was a simple effort that required the use of the metal-specific US510 wheel. Charging the battery and setting up the saw is easy. However, it is important to pay attention to the shaft on which the discs are mounted, as its thread is reverse rotation (For the safety). Failure to properly secure the metric locking bolt (turning it counterclockwise to tighten it) could result in disaster.

The saw is surprisingly smooth. We expected a noisy device with a lot of vibration, but surprisingly using the Ultra-Saw is effortless. It cuts quickly and very smoothly, and it has a tolerable noise level at its maximum 15,000 rpm.

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It is very ergonomic and comfortable to use, and we really like the soft start feature and believe it helps the saw to be easy to handle by hand and arm. The battery life is good. The 20V cell maintained a full charge for the extent of our test, which included about 15 different cuts and even tripping the starter multiple times.

For the price, the Dremel Ultra-Saw US20V setup is great value, especially if the DIY projects require cutting, as well as some stripping / grinding / sanding materials.

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