Data Dynamics’ ControlX is TechTarget’s 2021 Enterprise Data Storage Product of the Year Finalist


TEANECK, NJ, January 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Data Dynamics, the leader in unified unstructured data management platform, today announced that one of its products, ControlX, has been named a finalist in TechTarget’s 2021 Enterprise Data Storage Products of the Year. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Storage Magazine and SearchStorage Products of the Year competition, 39 finalists were selected for their products in the areas of backup, cloud, disk, hyperconvergence and management.

In our rapidly changing digital world, individuals, governments and businesses share, re-share, grant or are granted access to data. Intentionally or not, data sharing sometimes bypasses security and governance protocols, exposing data breaches to dishonest employees or agents. ControlX enables data governance and security teams to act on their files in existing data lakes and unstructured data stores.

Helene Johnson, CTO at Data Dynamics, says, “The Blockchain technology at the heart of ControlX creates a digital chain of custody for files containing critical business information by recording each time the file is accessed or modified. ControlX is the industry’s first and only mechanism for creating an immutable audit. and compliance logs, which will lead to data democratization and secure sharing of file data outside the organization. ControlX’s file control operations can be integrated into enterprises’ existing environmental services management, data management, and governance workflow automation through RESTful APIs.

Piyush Mehta, Founder and CEO of Data Dynamics, said, “ControlX provides a mechanism for data security and data management personnel to proactively manage data security. Piyush further adds, “Competitor products manage data at the file system level, which requires coordination between different business systems and organizations without clarity on business context and decision-making. These issues mean that the competition always leaves data security as a time, a job. This is not the case with ControlX, which provides APIs that integrate into existing workflows to help organizations proactively mitigate risk, provide rolling security patches and generate immutable reports for validation.

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