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As the star of the hit ABC series Mixed, Arica Himmel recently took the time to chat with Madame Noire about her Broadway stint on television, the growth of her character Rainbow “Bow” Johnson this season, and what it’s like to have Tracee Ellis Ross as a mentor.

If you didn’t know, Himmel is a 16-year-old powerhouse. Making her Broadway debut at the age of just 11, the New York native worked her way through television and film roles until she landed her big breakthrough. Mixed in 2019. As the young star told us, seeing her progress over the past two years has been one of the most fulfilling parts of all the hard work she’s put in.

“Honestly, it’s amazing,” Himmel said of his transition from Broadway to television. “I started out doing Broadway and acting, and all that stuff, but just to see how far I got – it’s really great and I learned that as long as you work hard and you never give up, you can be successful. what you want to achieve. “

As Rainbow, Himmel plays a biracial teenager from a Black mother and white father growing up in the ’80s who tries to navigate balancing her identity during her high school education, leans towards femininity and decides what parts of her childhood growing up in a commune she is willing to bring into her varied new environment. Being the oldest daughter – with two quirky, outgoing siblings – Rainbow’s story is all about nuance to be mestizo, discovering yourself and accepting who you are could make a difference.

As a biracial young woman herself, Himmel noted that it’s often easy to draw parallels between her real life and that of her character. Sharing an example, the actress mentioned that sometimes people want her to put it on. in a box of what they think she is – something that can be stressful because just like her character Rainbow (and everyone else on the planet), she wants to feel accepted for who she is.

“I feel like sometimes it’s a little hard because I tend to look through social media and see people with those comments saying ‘Oh, you’re just this’ or’ You’re just this, “” Himmel said. Noting that the difficulty of finding a balance that works for her is something she sees in herself Mixed character too, she continued, “And sometimes you know I think it’s stressful because I just want to be accepted by everyone and in a way that kind of leaves me feeling like I have to please everyone.” the world. I have the impression that it is the same with Rainbow.

“She just wants everyone to be happy and satisfied with her identity,” added Himmel, still speaking of the character. “Ultimately, however, she realizes that she should love herself for who she is and that’s what I found, too. I love myself, I love who I am, and I’m not trying to please everyone – I’m just going to be me, and Rainbow is doing the same.

Speaking about how Rainbow is changing this season, Himmel went on to say, “Bow is learning what it means to be a leader – within his family, among his siblings and in his friendships. She gains confidence and learns to love herself more.

That being said, in addition to seeing how carefully designed characters like Rainbow change over time, fans of the “-ish“The universe also likes the way the three respective sets of the litter are interconnected. For example, executive producer of Mixed Tracee Ellis Ross chronicles the life of Himmel’s character on the show and plays the adult version of Rainbow Jonhson in the series that started it all, Blackish. While discussing this, Himmel explained what it was like to have Ross as a mentor for her in real life – and how the two followed each other during quarantine.

“I feel like Tracee is just that person where you can go to her for anything and she’ll always be right there,” the young actress said of Ross. “She’s super warm, she’s super nice, and besides being a successful entrepreneur and a great actress – in the singing world now too little – she’s just a great person at heart.”

“I found out in my forties that I was able to go see her for hair stuff – manage loops, all that kind of stuff – and you just have to reach out through social media, even drop a few hearts on her photos and she comes to me with stuff, ”she added. At the end of our interview, Himmel concluded, “It was really great and I’m so happy to be able to play his character.”

Discover the star of Himmel as young, intuitive and intelligent Rainbow Johnson in Mixed Tuesdays 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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